How to Delete Facebook Messages Both Sides on Messenger

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Facebook messenger has been deleted for each feature for users. This option is currently available for both iOS and Android users.

This feature has already been reported in action and is now officially rolling out to users in Bolivia, Poland, Lithuania, and Colombia. Facebook Messenger’s non-sending message feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms and has a 10-minute timeout.

However, it is believed that after sending it users will have 10 minutes to remove a message.

“Have you ever accidentally sent a message to the wrong group of friends, made some mistakes, or just moved a message to a chat? You are not just one! Messner Product Manager, Ana Asianik wrote in a newsletter, starting today, we’re launching a feature where you can easily remove your message from Messenger – whether it is to a person or group.

Facebook Messenger un-send message feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms and has a time limit of 10 minutes.

However, the catch is that users can take up to 10 minutes to remove a message after it has been sent.

How to delete Facebook messages

If you use WhatsApp, you are familiar with the ability to delete messages sent. In October of 2016, it was announced that Facebook Messenger is also working on a “un send” feature and the Internet is delighted.

Now, the selected location (coming soon worldwide) has come in the feature. Here are simple steps to delete messages sent on Facebook, whether you’re using full version or Facebook lights.

How to delete Facebook messages on both sides:

  1. Tap and hold the message.
  2. Click “Remove.”
  3. Select “Remove for Everyone.”
  4. Confirm removal of the message.
  5. A tombstone will appear in the message thread, stating “You removed a message.”

When you choose this option, the message will be removed for you, but not for anybody else in the chat, Facebook said. Facebook has the feature to move to the mobile devices powered by the latest versions of Apple or Android software.

We will take a look at that horrible word now, then go to the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to delete the sent messages.

Can I delete other people’s face messages?

No, you can only send your message. If someone sends a message or a photo that you do not like, you can delete it from the side of the conversation. Although it will not appear in your feed, it will still be visible to everyone else.

How long do I have to delete the message in Facebook Messenger?

If you want to delete the message sent to Facebook, you have to do this in 10 minutes.

This 60 minute window is fast, but without the consent of WhatsApp, it is very good reason for the limitations of Facebook: CyberGundling.

With the rise of cyberbullying, a copy of the messages threatened by children and adolescents is not ordered; It’s important to have them record them. Providing unused features for a short time, Facebook can limit the abuser’s ability to remove the evidence.

According to Sten Chunnovsky, chief manager of Facebook, a 10-minute period is designed to remove moral messages: “We have seen how the existing deletion functionality works. It shows that when people are deleting the message, they are wrong or they have sent something that they It does not want to send, it’s less than a minute. We decided to expand to 10, but the decision The auction that we do not need to do more. “

How to Report a Deleted Facebook Messages Abusive

If you receive any annoying message and anyone deletes it with a 10-minute period, the options are still there.

As part of Cuddenvsky’s share, “We need to make sure we do not open a new place for the treasure. We need to ensure that people are not sending you bad messages and they are deleting because we can not do anything if you report them and not the messages. . “

The Facebook Community Guidelines does not allow any kind of hate speech; Both rape and harassment have almost certain principles.

These policies can be applied and for security of users, Facebook will keep a personal copy of all messages for a short time after deletion.

Reporting To Delete Abuse Messages:

  • Tap on the name of the person you want to report
  • In the menu that appears, scroll to the “Somewhat wrong” option
  • Select the harassment department

Why can not I cancel my Facebook message?

If you do not see the “Remove” button in your version of Facebook Messenger, wait, it’s coming!

On November 14, Facebook Messenger’s outstanding features have been officially launched in Poland, Colombia, Bolivia, and Lithuania. This feature is not a formal date that will not be published globally, although sources say “as soon as possible”. (I know; everyone says “hesitant” together!)

According to TechCrunch, holidays may be influenced by the holiday-cut-off date for the release of unspecified messages.

So, if you read this and do not have the ability to delete Facebook messages on both sides, do your best to keep the patient – it’s coming!

In the meantime, you can delete messages from your Facebook Messenger account. Here’s a quick video process you walk through:

I will cross my fingers for which you do not have any face-to-face waiting for “Remove for all” button!