How to activate the hidden dark mode on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is working in a dark mode, and it is a true old black theme. It’s still hidden at the moment, but ready to activate using a variety of techniques at any time. There are three steps to activate this feature. One is easy and supported by Facebook, the other is tough, but should have a 100% success rate.

1. Send a Moon Emoji

It’s very easy to fool it: To enable dark mode, send someone the moon emoji. Regular, left-facing crescent moon icons are shown below, with any sun emoji with sunny faces.
If you’re lucky, the moon emoji will rain on the message thread, then a popup will appear at the top of the screen, “You have found the bold mode!” This popup call to display features.

2. Force-Close Messenger & Tap the Moon Icon

If you do not get the moon for the first time, you are not yet completely out of luck. Start by closing the Facebook messenger application by entering your phone’s multitasking UI, then wipe it out.

Now, open the app again with the title of the moon emoji, then tap on the moon emoji. Some users have reported that help with double-typing, so try both ways. If no fanfare does not happen, you still have a chance. Close the app again, open it again, tap and tap the moon emoji you sent, then return to the main menu. From there, tap your profile icon (or silhouette) in the upper left corner, then scroll down and look for “bold mode”. It should be done in the desired section. Turn it on, then get ready to try in bold mode!
If Step 2 does not do it for you, there is a good chance.

3. Enjoy Dark Mode

Once enabled, it’s a true black dark mode, so you’ll save battery life on phones with OLED screens like the iPhone XR or Galaxy S10. The theme continues to be being worked on.

However, therefore you’ll notice many menus here and there wherever black text is overlaid on the black background. Still, it’s already very usable.