The best World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic addons

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Are you looking for the best WoW Classic addons? One of the features that have changed dramatically since the launch of World of Warcraft almost 15 years ago is the number of players willing to alter the basic user interface to optimize the experience and eradicate even the smallest inconveniences.

WoW Classic add-ons are a great way to address an ironic problem with the stripped MMORPG: everyone wants the pure and ancient WoW experience, but with the convenience of modern mechanics. Our best WoW classic addon list does exactly that, making Blizzard’s vanilla repetition easier to use and much closer to what you might be used to playing modern Warcraft.

While WoW Classic add-ons may not be something you would associate with the original World of Warcraft, many authors of currently popular WoW Classic add-ons have worked hard to make sure their creations are compatible with WoW Classic.

In Vanilla WoW, players’ additions to what WoW looked like and gave them feedback and information were very limited. Some offered a slender way to report additional information at the top or bottom of the screen. Others provided small, discrete windows with additional screens, either for specific WoW classes or to track an item that was hidden in the default user interface.

Today players modify almost all parts of the game’s interface. All-in-one packages like ElvUI change everything from the minimap and spell bars to damage and healing numbers and even chat logs. Some of that is because WoW’s default user interface needs an urgent review since the modern usability principle was not widespread 15 years ago. Some are because today’s Warcraft players are more familiar with the game and have technical knowledge about what mods can do and how to install them.

The good news for modern players returning to Classic WoW is that there are now add-ons to provide at least some contemporary comforts to the original version of the game. While nothing will provide all the improvements in the quality of life that WoW has added over the years, these will give some important windows to modern life: nostalgia is not all it seems.

We have listed some of the best WoW Classic addons below, as well as what you should do to install them.

How to install WoW Classic addons

Using the Twitch app:

This is where you can download the Twitch application. Once installed, you will be prompted to log in with your normal Twitch login; Visit the Twitch registration page if you don’t have one. In the main window, locate and click on the ‘Mods’ tab that should give you a list of games. Select ‘World of Warcraft’ and make sure the installation path of the classic game is selected from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

From here you can search for new add-ons to install or update existing ones. If you are logged in to the game when you install or update a plug-in, you must close it completely for the changes to take effect.

Install manually:

Once you download your chosen mod, it will be in a .zip file, which should be in your Downloads / Downloads directory. If you are a Windows user, click on the file once in Explorer, then choose ‘Extract All’ from the menu toolbar. Then select where you want to save it.

By default, WoW Classic addons are located in the Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/classic /Interface/AddOns folder: this is where you unzip the new files. If you have placed WoW in a different place, navigate to the same folder, but in the directory where you placed your Warcraft installation. In any case, you will end up with a new folder or folders within ‘Add-ons’ with the name of your mod.

Mac users must double-click the file to extract everything in a new folder with the name of the mod. Then use ‘Finder‘ to navigate to ‘Applications‘. Find the World of Warcraft folder, then the_classic_folder inside, then ‘Interface’, then ‘Add-ons’. Copy your new folder (the one that bears the name of the mod) into the ‘Add-ons’ folder. Then, the next time you start WoW from scratch, your new add-ons will be active.

Best WoW Classic Addons

Here’s a look at the Best WoW Classic Addons:

  1. Bartender4
  2. Questie
  3. Bagnon
  4. OmniCC Classic
  5. WeakAuras 2
  6. MortalBossMods
  7. AtlasLoot Classic
  8. Dominos Classic
  9. VendorPrice
  10. Auctionator Classic
  11. Deadly Boss Mods
  12. Titan Panel Classic


Bartender4 was once considered the king of user interface customization. It allows you to unlock hotbars and change vital skills in areas of the screen that fit your needs. Having trouble realizing when a powerful ability is activated? Turn it into a huge button right next to the back of your character. Do you have one of those old MMO gaming mice with a Numpad on the side? Shape your grid-shaped bars to match. Bartender4 is not exactly “pretty.” It is quite simple. But it is a freedom that counts. If what you want is “beautiful”, combine it with SpartanUI Classic.


There is no denying that we all used to search for search target locations on sites like WoWHead. It’s hard not to look for the fastest leveling routes when you repeat the process for the fourth time in a new character. If you’re not looking for the “vanilla” search experience of wandering aimlessly 70% of the time, Questie can help you. It is a very popular complement that puts search targets on the map and can quickly show your progress. If you value your time, this is the one.


Tired of managing your inventory in several bags? Bagnon is an inventory review that makes examining your articles much easier. Instead of having to handle several bags, Bagnon condenses everything into a large bag and can automatically sort and group items by type. Colored borders indicate the quality of an article at a glance, and a search function allows you to quickly find what you need. Bagnon even tracks elements across multiple characters, so you know what your alt has without having to log in.

OmniCC Classic

When you use a spell or ability in WoW Classic with a cooling period, the default user interface puts a ‘sweep’ of the timer on that skill button, showing you how long before you can use it again for how much of the button is dark. That is not tremendously useful, especially since the skills have a cooldown of different duration: the third ‘darkness’ on one button can be a totally different amount of time than the same third darkness on another. Enter OmniCC Classic, which adds numbered countdowns.

WeakAuras 2

WeakAuruas 2 specializes in facilitating the management of the WoW Classic combat information rant. Convert things like advantages/disadvantages, HoT/DoT effects, and consumables into “auras” in the user interface. These can be moved to create a dynamic user interface that helps track this vital data. In theory, it should offer a reasonable increase in a player’s performance by consolidating the various class effects into a part of the easy-to-read screen. Good material!


I think this is too much like cheating, but when all your raid team swears by it, you have no choice but to settle for not being blamed for missing a mechanic. Deadlybossmods is like a mid-battle strategy guide. Instead of investigating and memorizing boss attack patterns, this yells at you before they happen, telling you and your team to watch things like incoming fears, large area attacks or tank destroyers. It’s more a tool to storm at the end of the game, but if you don’t want to be crushed by the dungeon bosses, you can also help there.

AtlasLoot Classic

Retail WoW has had an enemy drop table built-in for a while, but before that, AtlasLoot was the only thing that prevented it from fishing to verify where a specific piece of loot would fall. Remember; This was long before smartphones were one thing, so just taking your phone or tablet for a quick search was not an option. AtlasLoot Classic returns to provides a quick and easy way to see what your current goal can drop, which saves you the pain of reaching your phone just to end up on Twitter again. No, that is not a personal anecdote at all. Stop judging me.

Dominos Classic

If you really hate the standard user interface in World of Warcraft, you can modify it completely with the Dominos plugin. This will eliminate the funds completely and allow you to move the bars where you want on the screen. If you want a clean design, this is one of the best accessories to have!

I think this is a pretty good mod that helps you get more into the game’s history. If you skip the search text a lot, you might want to give this mod a spin. What this does is show the text of the search in a much more pleasant way, which facilitates the reading and visualization of the character that is transmitting the dialogue. You can also customize everything and jump whenever you want! A great complement for people who want to experience the tradition in a more organic way.


One of the updates of the tooltip in the modern WoW is an automatic article valuation the next time you find a supplier. VendorPrice tries to help you decide what to sell or throw away safely when you run out of space in the bag.

Auctionator Classic

Gold is a precious resource in WoW Classic, but managing auction house listings can be a hassle. Auctionator is a long-standing add-on that makes the process a bit easier by suggesting list prices and automating the publication of items for others to buy. If you are frequently buying ex officio materials or other items, it will also simplify it.

Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods is an essential complement to the modern game. While there are fewer things to track in Vanilla WoW, DBM still pushes it when things approach and recommend a reaction. Includes information and warnings for all classic dungeons, except Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Dire Maul, and Scholomance, which are still in progress.

Titan Panel Classic

Vanilla addon Titan Panel is equally useful now as Titan Panel Classic. Add a dark strip (or two) at the top and/or bottom of your screen to display configurable information about your character.

Do you want to know how much gold or remote ammo you have left? How about the coordinates for your location, what is the performance of your PC or how much time do you have for your next level? All these and more are integrated by default, and more add-ons use this mod to deliver useful information.


This add-on package is really a basic package for anyone who wants to improve their WoW Classic experience with add-ons.

We have selected stable and reliable add-ons over time, to keep this package updated regularly.

In addition, it is a “lightweight” package that will not overload your interface with useless things, on the contrary, it is made to help you.

Thanks to this basic package, you can now add other add-ons gradually according to your needs, such as DBM, for example, or class-specific add-ons (NugEnergy, etc.)

If you have problems with some add-ons in this package, don’t be afraid to report errors in the comments.