10 Best Micro-ATX Cases: Gaming and High-Performance

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Are you building a new game platform? If so, you must choose the perfect case for all your hardware. And although you have many options to choose from, the best Micro-ATX case is probably the best option.

Why that? Well, Micro-ATX gaming PCs are between the ATX and Mini-ITX versions to offer a unique balance of power and convenience. Not only that, mATX constructions are capable of providing cutting-edge performance that will make you overcome all opponents.

To that end, Micro-ATX compilations are extremely popular among players due to their efficiency, versatility and affordable price. In addition, the best Micro-ATX cases provide the perfect chassis for casual and hardcore games, with many excellent options to choose from. This buyer’s guide takes you through the 10 best options on the market and offers an idea of ​​the main uses and benefits of these exceptional cases.

Micro-ATX compilations are quite popular in the gaming community due to their more affordable price and let’s be honest, they look great when they finish! It is worth noting that the best Micro-ATX cases provide enough space for some high-end systems while having a smaller form factor. Perfect for both casual and hardcore players.

After considering it carefully and examining the multiple options of the manufacturer, we conclude that the Phanteks Evolv is the best micro-ATX case in general and is also included in our article on the best PC case of 2019. Below are some tips to keep in mind before buying a micro-ATX case. With these tips, you can be sure of making the right decision.

Best Micro ATX PC Case

Micro-ATX compilations are quite popular in the gaming community due to their more affordable price and let’s be honest, they look great when they finish! It is worth noting that the best Micro-ATX cases provide enough space for some high-end systems while having a smaller form factor. Perfect for both casual and hardcore players.

After considering it carefully and examining the multiple options of the manufacturer, we conclude that the Phanteks Evolv is the best micro-ATX case in general and is also included in our article on the best PC case of 2019. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying a micro-ATX case. With these tips, you can be sure to make the right decision.

The recommendations are of solid construction, have spacious interiors and promote excellent airflow. If you are interested in seeing what distinguishes them from other cases, read on.

  1. Thermaltake Level 20 VT
  2. Corsair Crystal 280X
  3. NZXT H710
  4. Thermaltake Core V21
  5. be quiet! Silent Base 601
  6. Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_BR Eclipse P300
  7. darkFlash DLM21 White
  8. Cooler Master Masterbox Lite
  9. be quiet! Dark Base 700
  10. Antec Performance Series P6

How we choose the cases

All cases on this list are viable options that we ourselves would build. We conducted a search to discover which cases of micro-ATX would best suit the players. In this search, we strive to balance those with the highest reviews against those with the best value.

We want to test and offer recommendations that fit as many needs as possible, so we read daily reviews from various manufacturers to find any potential problems that a case may have.

Things you should know about PC cases

It is important to consider all these factors before buying your case. That is why we will review these things in more detail.

There are some things to keep in mind before clicking buy in a case you love. First, consider the size of its components (form factor). The form factor of the motherboards, GPU and PSU may vary in size, so it is important to verify that it is compatible. Before jumping into construction, it is worth considering how many fans you will mount, the hard drives you need and the size of the radiator your refrigerator has.

Don’t worry, we will see these different factors in more detail below.

Motherboard form factor

You will need to know the form factor of your motherboard before starting. Common motherboard sizes are ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX, with ATX being the largest of the 3 and Mini-ATX being the smallest.

Smaller plates will have less space for their components and will generally also have fewer functions. This is not bad if you do not need much, but if you are doing a high-end game construction or a mid-range construction that you intend to upgrade in the future, then you may want to continue with the classic ATX board and, for, Therefore, visit some different case options.

Your case

You will usually find the compatibility of the motherboard labeled in the name of the box or very easily in the specifications and this describes the motherboard of the maximum size that can fit in the box!

There are 3 prominent types of computer cases (although there are more) and each one is compatible with different types of motherboards:

  • The complete tower cases are the largest and can work with ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. Its large size is more intended for additional components rather than exceptionally larger motherboards.
  • Central tower boxes are the most popular and can also work with motherboards that are as large as ATX.
  • Mini-box boxes sacrifice the larger ATX boards, but they can still use Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX boards.

It is worth noting that its micro-ATX construction will look great in any size case, from the smaller ‘node’ style frames to the case of the middle tower. Often, some cases adapt to motherboards with smaller sizes, but you may have problems when it comes to cables that manage the front panel connectors, as they will stretch if your case and motherboard have no form factors Similar.

Quick buying tips for Micro ATX Case


Full towers, middle towers, and mini-towers are those form factors that generally support micro ATX boards. This list can also be extended using desktop and MOD tower formats.


These are special areas in a case where you can install additional computer hardware (temperature readings, fan controllers, disk-style hard drives). Note that they do not need tools for installation. The size of the drive bays can vary from 2.5 to 5.25 inches.


Refrigeration plays a crucial role in the effective performance of any PC. So, if you are going to equip your matx box with the best CPU cooler, check if it has a backing board or other mounting hardware (usually installed from the board below).
Placed at the bottom of a computer case, a motherboard tray (a place for a board in your PC case) has special holes for the motherboard dividers, which help repair board and avoid an electrical short circuit


These are special surfaces inside a PC case used for the installation of additional ventilation. Their sizes can vary from 80 mm to 200 mm.


If fan holders can be found in each PC case, the removable air filters are not as widespread. Even so, the presence of said filter in its matx housing is a great advantage, since it is responsible for reducing dust inside the chassis.


The free space of the GPU indicates the space required by a graphics processing unit to fit in the box. Simply put, there must be enough space inside your matx case to accommodate a chosen GPU. What you should keep in mind is that if a GPU free space is 12 inches and larger, it can support almost any video card.


Here the point is that some high-end computer chassis, including micro ATX boxes, require a special type of optical drive. This can be a thin optical drive or an optical slot-loading unit. The second type is more relevant to you since it is used in PC cases, while the first one is typical for laptops with SFF form factor.


One of the main features of the ports of the PC case is that the headings of the motherboard must match the ports of the new computer case. In case they don’t, you will need to obtain adapters or expansion cards. Some other details that should be considered before purchase include I / O shielding, unit sleds and theft, expansion slots, cable management, and power supply. There is no doubt that if you want to find the best matx case, you should consider these features before you start looking for a computer chassis. Still, you can make your life easier and simply check our list of the best micro ATX cases below.

Review of The 10 Best Micro ATX PC Case

#1 Thermaltake Level 20 VT

We chose the Thermaltake Level 20 VT as our best choice for micro-ATX cube-style boxes. The Level 20 VT recently launched and has received mostly positive reviews. It comes with four tempered glass panels, three of which are removable, on the front, side, and top.

The cabinet has a ton of space inside with support for graphics cards up to 13.8 “in length and CPU coolers up to 7.3” in height. Both represent enough space to allow virtually any graphics card or air CPU cooler currently on the market. The case also has a ton of support for liquid cooling, as well as space for radiators up to 280 mm long. You can even install dual 240mm radiators on the top panel of the housing.

However, the only drawback of Level 20 VT is that it costs more than all other cube-style cases on this list and does not offer as much airflow as some of the other options on this list. However, with the ability to house up to a maximum of nine fans and its extensive support for liquid cooling, you can compensate for your slightly lower airflow levels by adding additional hardware.


#2 Corsair Crystal 280X

The Corsair Crystal 280X is another solid cube-style micro-ATX case. The 280X has an attractive design thanks in part to its three tempered glass panels (one on the top, one on the front and one on the side) and a completely black color scheme.

It also has a decent amount of interior space, thanks to its dual-camera design. The case can contain graphics cards up to 11.8 inches and CPU coolers up to 5.9 inches. It also has space for liquid cooling radiators up to 240 mm at the top, front or bottom of the housing.

The 280X is available in white or black and you can opt for the standard tempered glass edition, or the RGB edition (which also has tempered glass). If you want to save some money, the Corsair Carbide Air 240 is essentially the same case, it simply does not have tempered glass panels.

In general, if you like cube-style cases, the Crystal 280X probably has one of the best designs of all box-style cases. The RGB version of the housing is quite expensive, but the non-RGB version has a fairly decent price.


#3 NZXT H710

Near the top of any case, the summary is almost certainly a case between the NZXT H series line. This flagship line offers some of the most meticulously designed cases on the market today that have a variety of user-friendly features that make them easy to build and excellent for tons of different constructions.

For our approach today, we are going to look at the H710, the microATX case of the H-series line. This case comes with the excellent NZXT cable management channel design, as well as a steel construction that makes it one of the most durable (and also heaviest) cases on our list.

There is a tempered glass side panel on one side of the housing, while the other side behind the motherboard tray has a smooth side panel. All “series i” cases within the NZXT line come with some additional built-in functionality. The H710 comes with three 120mm Aer fans, plus a built-in RGB and a fan controller that can control the included RGB strip through NZXT HUE + software.

The simple design inside this case makes it suitable for almost any construction. It can accommodate graphics cards up to 411 mm in length and CPU coolers up to 164 mm in height. It can also be adapted to some simple AIOs and water cooling, but only to radiators up to 120 mm.


#4 Thermaltake Core V21

Thermaltake Core V21 is not a case that you buy with its beauty, its main advantage is the combination of a set of decent features and an economical price. Because of that, this case may lack refinement in some departments, such as imperfect construction quality, but in general, it offers everything you need, too, and much more.

Thanks to its modular design and the fact that it allows a lot of flexibility, Thermaltake Core V21 provides space for numerous customizations, including storage and cooling solutions. The chassis itself supports up to three 3.5 “and three 2.5” drives, graphics cards with 350mm length, five radiators and even the amazing 11 fans (delivered with a pre-installed 200mm fan), that’s more than good for the case of these dimensions, and especially this price.

In other words, this is the chassis that will meet almost any type of needs, from serious cooling solutions demanded by hardcore overclockers, to the storage capacities needed by small file servers. All in all, Thermaltake Core V21 is a great versatile option that will suit anyone’s budget.


#5 be quiet! Silent Base 601

If yours is not bling and you are looking for a new chassis for the next version of your system with an emphasis on silent operation, the $ 130 will be silent! The silent base 601 deserves consideration. One of the best PC cases, this chassis does not have tempered glass or RGB lighting but instead opts for a dimmer look with a focus on acoustic performance.

Although the Silent Base 601 is not a perfect chassis, the solid design, excellent features, and quality craftsmanship make this case a definitive candidate for your shortlist, if you agree with the absence of tempered glass and RGB lighting.


#6 Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_BR Eclipse P300

Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_BR Eclipse P300 may not be among the cheapest chassis you can find on the market, but it is definitely among the most attractive. Thanks to its RGB lighting and dual tempered glass panels, this case transforms every computer configuration into an attractive product.

In addition to the great appearance, Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_BR Eclipse P300 also offers excellent features that completely justify its slightly high price. Spacious, with plenty of space for large components and easy placement, including 192mm CPU coolers, this chassis is perfect for any serious player. When we also add that this case supports up to six 120mm or five 140mm fans and allows the installation of any liquid cooling solution you want, its usability for games increases even more.

Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_BR Eclipse P300 storage capacities that include bays for two 3.5 “and two 2.5” drives can certainly be better, but that is, along with its slightly larger weight, one of the few disadvantages of this excellent case micro-ATX. In other words, if you want a premium chassis for your micro-ATX or mini-ITX board, which is attractive and feature-rich at the same time, Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_BR Eclipse P300 is an exceptional option.


#7 darkFlash DLM21 White

A fantastic offer from a less known company, the darkFlash DLM21 white case is as elegant as it looks. The spacious interior is housed between metal panels and a side of tempered glass that opens for easy access. As for performance? Load SSD, HDD and graphics cards up to 330 mm in the 4 housing expansion mounts, then start your favorite Triple-A title and destroy the competition. Overall, it is an excellent offer with exceptional consumer reviews.


#8 Cooler Master Masterbox Lite

Having a price in the budget area does not necessarily mean that the product itself is defective or lacks some features. Clear evidence of this is Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L. This case not only has a premium appearance but also offers equally good performance and quality features such as much more expensive premium models.

Very modular, with the right amount of everything, Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L is safe, whether you’re looking for a game case or a discrete option for the media center of your living room. Elegant, with excellent cooling options (supports up to six 120mm fans or two radiators, one 120mm and one 240mm) and, although a little tight, with enough space even for 360mm long graphics, this case presents excellent value for money.

One of its disadvantages is a mediocre storage capacity that is based only on a compartment for 3.5 “and two 2.5” units, which is very little for each type of box. Fortunately, that is one of its few flaws and you can generally say that the Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L case is actually a great product with excellent value for money.


#9 be quiet! Dark Base 700

The silence! Dark Base 700 belongs to a class of its own. At first glance, it may look like another box with a tempered glass side panel. But after further inspection, it is clear how much time and effort was devoted to the design. It would be difficult to find a more versatile and high-performance cabinet.

The silence! Dark Base 700, at 241 x 544 x 519 mm (W x D x H), is quite large for a medium tower box, but not so much that it can be classified as a complete tower. This chassis is constructed of aluminum and plastic and features a steel frame. The Dark Base 700 is painted black inside and out and weighs just 30 pounds.

Of course, shut up! Think a lot about the design of the filtration system of this chassis. Each mounting location of the intake fan in the Dark Base 700 is equipped with a washable nylon fan filter. To access the filters it is necessary to remove the front panel, but although the front and bottom filters are extremely long, maintenance and cleaning are very simple.


#10 Antec Performance Series P6

For our choice of the micro-ATX case that offers the best value for its price, we choose Antec Performance Series P6. Why? Well, the P6 has many of the features that are popular with system builders at the moment (mainly, a tempered glass side panel and a PSU cover) and has a completely black elegant design that isn’t too simple to scare off users who are looking for a sexier and too exaggerated option to scare away users who are looking for a simpler design.

And it has plenty of space inside with the ability to accommodate graphics cards up to 15.4 “in length (which is enough space to accommodate any graphics card) and CPU coolers up to 6.3” in height. It can also contain radiators up to 240 mm long, as long as the radiator and fans are not thicker than 55 mm. Therefore, liquid cooling is also a possibility in this case.

It gets all these features for just over $ 60. Therefore, the bottom line is that if you are looking for a nice-looking micro-ATX housing that has plenty of space to house a high-end construction, it is worth considering the P6.


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The importance of a PC case cannot be overstated. Its case protects the rest of its components and provides them with airflow to ensure that they operate at a stable temperature, but with a micro-ATX case, you can add convenience and some real solutions that save space in the mix!

  • If you want the micro-ATX PC case for games in general, choose the Thermaltake 20 VT. A great option in many different categories, but the best in the micro-ATX field!
  • A close finalist for micro-ATX cases is the Corsair Crystal 280X, as it offers fantastic airflow and is really something to contemplate once incorporated.
  • The NZXT H710 offers a unique construction experience in this category. Thanks to the spacious interior and radiator support, you can get some impressive constructions in this.
  • The Thermaltake Core V21 is unrivaled in terms of value! This beast offers great airflow and builds quality as expected, but with a surprising price.
  • If you have a limited budget but still want a fabulous micro-ATX case to showcase your new compact construction, the be quiet! Silent Base 601 is one of the best cases available.

We would like to know in which case you went to house your building and also if you have any alternative suggestions that we should investigate!