Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

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In this article, we are sharing the best WiFi Password Hacking Apps for Android mobile phone. With the help of this, anyone can hack WiFi network around them.

There are some mandatory requirements to use best WiFi Password Hacking apps, you should have at least Android 4.0 or higher version and if you the rooted device it is an added advantage.

Signal strength also plays a key role, while checking for the possible WPS there should be no connection drops, if these base requirements satisfied then you can go with this 10 best WiFi Hacking Apps for penetrating the device.

In this article, we discuss the list of best WiFi Password Hacking Apps for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Why Everyone Wants to Hack WiFi

Anyone use to Wifi for Internet on your computer, mobile phones, tablets, and other wireless devices anywhere in the house without the clutter of cables. The reasons of everyone wants to hack WiFi is monthly internet bill. If anyone can hack wifi, they will use to free WiFi.

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Wi-Fi Router
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15 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

  1. Aircrack-ng
  2. Kali Linux Nethunter
  3. AndroiDumper Crack
  4. WiFi WPS WPA Tester
  5. WPS connect
  6. WiFi Kill
  7. Fing Networks Tools
  8. Nmap
  9. ZAnti
  10. WIBR+
  11. Arpspoof
  12. WiFi Password
  13. WiFi Warden
  14. WiFinspect
  15. Wifi Analyzer

1. Aircrack-ng

The popular security tool Aircrack-ng is a tool that has been ported to Android by many Android developers and security enthusiasts. Running Aircrack-ng on Android is not a problem, but the hard part is that there is a WiFi chipset that supports monitor mode.

2. Kali Linux Nethunter

Almost all of you must know about Kali Linux, the best operating system for fake hacking. Their makers, Kali Linux Nethunter, are the first open-source Android intrusion testing platform from aggressive protection.

Using this hacking Android application, you will need to turn on the Black Wifi tool in order to proceed. Nethunter’s configuration interface lets you take care of complex configuration files. This custom kernel, which supports 32.3 wireless injections, makes Kali Nethunter an Android hacking tool.

3. AndroiDumper Crack

This is my favorite app because it is new and useful too. It also shows some kind of notification, whenever a WPS WiFi network can reach the limits of your phone. And it can help you access your password.

I also provide a short user guide below, to make it easier for you. If the signals are full, then this app will probably work for you without root access.

4. WiFi WPA WPS Tester

The WPA WPS Tester Android App is one of the most popular WiFi password hacker tools, which was created for scanning WiFi networks for vulnerabilities.

This infamous hacking app is known for its security breaches. This app tests the connection of access points with WPS pins, which are calculated using various algorithms like GHOW, Blink, Asus, Eris, etc. This app requires Android 4.0.০ and above.

5. WPS Connect

WPS Connect is a popular WiFi Password hacking apps for Android smartphones that you can install and start playing with the surrounding WiFi networks. Working on a native Android device, this app helps you disable another user’s Internet connection.

Its creator states that WPS Connect is originally intended to be used to verify that your WiFi router is secure. In addition to the default pins, the WPS connection also includes algorithms like Zhao Chessung (ComputePin) or Stefan Wehbach (EasyBoxPN). WPS Connect WiFi Hacking App for Android works with Android 4.0 or higher.

6. WiFi Kill

For most ethical hackers, WiFi Kill is one of the WiFi Password hacking apps that are truly effective. As its name implies, WiFi Kill is an application that allows you to disable the Internet connection of a device. With a simple interface, you can use WiFi Kill to get rid of unnecessary users on the network.

Other features include the traffic used by a device, the network name and the traffic grab of websites visited by other devices.

Please note that WiFi kill hacker application requires root access to work. When you fire the app, after scanning the network it shows different users connected shows you can just use the kill button to end the internet connection.

7. Fing Networks Tools

Find Network Tools is the largest application for Android mobile users. Nowadays many intrusive testers use it to solve some problems on their network and most use it for hacking.

8. Nmap

Nmap is a useful app for hack WiFi Password for Android and Android will not be able to use advanced features such as SYN Scan and OS fingerprint to monitor the available hosts, services, packets, firewalls, etc. The developers of this WiFi hacker application have already shared compiled binary versions of Nmap with OpenSSL support. Nmap is available on other platforms such as Windows, Linux, etc.

9. Zanti

Zanti, from the available from Gymperium’s home, is a very popular hacking application that allows security managers to analyze the level of risk on a network. The Easy Mobile Intrusion Toolkit can be used for evaluation and penetration of WiFi networks.

Its WiFi scanner shows access points with a known default key configuration in green. An application can be used to reduce the connection to prevent the target of accessing a website or server. By mirroring the methods used by cyber attackers, you can identify and fix holes in your network.

10. WIBR+

WIBR + WiFi was created to test the security and integrity of networks. This application answers you “how to hack wifi” question using brute force and dictionary attack. In addition, the WIBR + application also allows you to use a custom dictionary to crack WiFi passwords.

Depending on your preference and network, you can select different options for attacking – lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters. Depending on the strength of your password, WIBR takes time and cracks the password.

11. Arpspoof

The Android WiFi hacker app I am about to tell you is a port on the original EarPsof hacking tool for Dag Song. As expected, ArpsUp for Android lets you redirect traffic to your network by forging ARP replies.

The port’s official GitHub page does not provide an APK ready to be installed. Instead, you have the option to create an APK of your own or use a C-based binary that can be used directly in the terminal emulator.

12. WiFi Password

It’s a completely free WiFi password cracker application that allows you to always connect to the Internet at no cost.

Whenever you have a WiFi network around you, you will be connected, as it helps you identify and connect to a few million WiFi hotspots as long as you have Android 5 Lollipop or above.

13. WiFi Warden

A simple application that allows you to access the WiFi channel of the less crowded channel, analyze the WiFi network and connect to any WiFi network.

WiFi Warden provides you with a special feature that looks for stored WiFi passwords without root!

When WiFi Warden analyzes WiFi networks, it provides you with all the necessary information including BSSID, SSID, channel bandwidth, encryption, security, router manufacturer and distance between you and.

Also, this WiFi password lookup app is all free and it offers many features without having to root your phone.

14. Wi-Fi Inspect

Wi-Fi Inspect is one of the many tools that computer security professionals, ethical hackers and other advanced users who want to control and control the networks they own want to control. So, basically, this application is a Wi-Fi security audit tool and the hacking app is not right.

15. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is not a wifi hacker app for Android, it is a Prank App. I thought it would be a good idea to end the list of WiFi hacking apps with an app that lets you pretend like you have entered and got access to your friend’s WiFi. It has a very professional look and a WiFi scanner that detects almost all WiFi hotspots. So, if you are only interested in fooling your friends, give it a try.

How to Secure Wireless Networks?

The good news is that it is not very difficult to secure your wireless network, which both prevents your internet from being stolen and will prevent hackers from taking control of your computer through your own wireless network.

Here are some common things that your wireless network should secure:

How to Secure Wireless Networks

  1. Open your router settings pageFirst, you need to know how to access the settings of your wireless router. Then go to the wireless router page of your web browser and then enter the correct username and password for the router.
  2. Create a unique password on your routerOnce you’ve logged in to your router, the first thing you do to protect your network is to change the router’s default password * to something more secure.
    This will prevent others from accessing the router and easily maintain the security settings you want. You can change the password in your router’s settings page from the administrative settings. The default values are usually admin/password.
  3. Change your Network’s SSID nameYour wireless router’s SSID (or wireless network name) is usually pre-defined as “default” or set as the brand name of the router. While this will not make your network inherently * more secure, changing the SSID name of your network is a good idea as it will make it more obvious that others are connecting to the network.
  4. Filter MAC addressesWhether you have a laptop or Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone, all your wireless devices have a unique Mac address. For an extra level of security, you can add the MAC address of all your devices to the settings of your wireless router so that only certain devices can connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  5. Reduce the Range of the Wireless SignalIf you have a higher range of wireless routers then you are located in a small studio apartment, you may consider changing the mode of your router to 802.11g or reducing the signal range using a different wireless channel.

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All the apps provided in this list are mean for the Educational purpose, not for hacking, so use by your concern and risk. Our site is not responsible for any kind of hack and bugs.

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