9 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

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The best open black headphones for gaming have come in different shapes and sizes. For those of you who take earphone pairs seriously and simply need to listen to music and don’t care much about the type of equipment they are using, a simple pair of headphones will. However, we are assuming that those of you who are here today to read with open best open black headphones for gaming are not in that category. For true audiophiles, every minor detail counts, and when it comes to listening to our favorite sounds, we need something top-notch. Yes, there is more of a difference than just the price when comparing a pair of Apple headphones for gaming with a good pair of Dennys in addition to the price. Let’s take a look at our list of the 10 best open headphones on earth.

best open black headphones for gaming are designed to offer an immersive listening experience by reducing the level of isolation between you and your environment. They produce a wide sound stage and give the impression of listening to a good speaker installed in an ideal room. However, they filter a lot, so they are not the best option if you want to use them outside, as they can distract the people around you.

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The difference between open and closed headphones

Throughout our experience, we have come to understand the different types of headphones available to us. Although you may know the difference since it is already here, we will quickly explain it only by some background. The design of the headphones is relatively important when buying a pair of cans depending on your preferred use for them. Here is the scoop: the closed headphones are closed around the ear to ensure sound isolation. The headphones with the open back, on the other hand, are open around the ears to allow some sound to come out of the headphones.

So why would you want that to happen? Well, for starters, many of those who use studio headphones want to dial it, even more, when it comes to special applications. Although noise isolation is excellent and is quite synonymous with “studio headphones” and commercialization, it can cause some accumulation of certain frequencies after prolonged use within your headphones (mostly lower frequencies with serious ones). This is particularly bad for those who mix and master professionally since the accumulation of sound can alter the accuracy of their mixes. However, headphones with the back closed are perfect for recording (commonly voices but it could be any instrument) since noise isolation is key because you don’t want the microphone to pick up any of the sounds that come from the headphones. That will erase your clue and take away your clarity.

To learn more about the difference between the most common headphone designs, our open and closed articles can help. Otherwise, let’s enter our selections!

The best open back headphones for gaming

1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

If you are looking for quality open headphones at a reasonable price, and want something striking and sharp that you still feel comfortable, Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones are an excellent choice.

These headphones are known for being worn by the size of Fortnite streamer Ninja and YouTuber jacksepticeye, and for good reason. In particular, the open construction design and the silver velvet headphones make this set have a really crisp aesthetic.

2. Philips Fidelio Open-Air Headphone

If you are looking for new headphones to use in a quiet place like home or office, then Philips X2HR Fidelio may be a good option. This pair of headphones with open backs are wired and full size. The pads are large and made of breathable velvet. Note that they are also replaceable. As for the cushions, they are soft and quite compatible. X2HR Fidelio has a headband made of outer calf leather, although its size may be a bit small for large heads.

Philips X2HR Fidelio comes with 50mm high power controllers with an improved LMC (Layer Motion Control) diaphragm, which makes the high-frequency response very smooth. Its open-bottom acoustic construction guarantees precise and crisp audio. Thanks to its low impedance OFC cable, this pair of headphones also have clear transmission and shielding.

3. Sennheiser HD 599

The HD 599 combines sophisticated sound with impressive design and wonderful build quality. Expect to hear natural sounds that are well placed in space and immersive: the listener is immediately transported in the middle of a virtual recording studio. In addition, the open back design is compatible with Sennheiser’s patented transducer technology, which makes these headphones the perfect starting point for audiophiles.

4. Sennheiser Game ONE

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Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset

This headset features the standard Sennheiser design with the headband comfortably resting on the ears. The padding is luxurious and allows your ears to breathe. Thanks to the softness, your ears won’t hurt once you take off your headphones after a few hours of play.

With an impedance of 50 ohms, this headset will provide a surprising gaming experience, while the noise-canceling microphone will help your teammates in the game understand it. The microphone is good enough for clear audio recordings and Internet calls.

5. Sennheiser GSP 500

Comfort is one of the top priorities during a long game session. The Sennheiser GSP 500 has a headband wrapped in soft fabric that will allow your ears and your head to breathe. That will avoid any discomfort in the game and post-game pain.

It’s not just superior comfort that makes these headphones great. The transducers are inside the pads and send audio directly to the ear. This should make your environment and atmosphere in the game more realistic. The headphones have solid bass and provide good sound quality while listening to music or watching videos.

6. Sennheiser HD 660 S

These stunning Sennheiser headphones offer amazing sound output following their best and best features designed to provide the effectiveness and convenience needed when using the headphones. With an open back of reference class, it employs the best transducers that are improved, therefore, it will offer low harmonic distortion. In particular, the transducers are selected by hand so that you get the right choice according to your output needs.

7. AKG Pro Audio K612PRO

The AKG Pro headphones are really one of the best headphone designs that really guarantee the best experience when it comes to games and also audio. Actually, it is a patented open-back design with Varimotion diaphragm technology. Other key features include the impedance of 120 ohms with a favorable response sound frequency of 12 Hz. It is also worth considering the lightweight design as it only weighs 238 grams. It really is a professional headphone design that you will really appreciate having it following its incredible sound output and quality design.

8. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

Among the best qualified and best-selling headphones is the amazing technical type of audio that is really available in the market. What it really does are the high-efficiency magnets and also the pure alloy magnetic circuit design that is really meant to ensure that the sound distortion is greatly reduced. It also guarantees a high-frequency response. The structural rigidity of this product is also assured by the incredible carbon composite resins that really improve it.


HIFIMAN HE-400I is one of the best open headphones, which not only has an elegant appearance but also an impressive sound. These open-back headphones have a single-ended flat magnetic controller, which is responsible for first-level sound and spatial images. Keep in mind that its magnetic force is distributed evenly and this guarantees low distortion and realistic sound.

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Things to consider when buying an open back headphone for gaming


Both open and closed headphones belong to the category of headphones over the ear. Both have their pros and cons and you should know where and when they are the most appropriate to use. Closed headphones block outside noise, so they can be cancellers or insulators. They are perfect for public transport and noisy places. In addition, they have minimal loss of sound. Even so, they don’t sound as natural as open headphones and your ears can get tired much faster after using them for a longer period of time. Open headphones produce excellent audio with natural sound. They are excellent for high-quality files, but unlike closed headphones, they filter the sound and do not block outside noise very well. Therefore, when choosing headphones with the back open, you should remember that they are suitable for quiet places.


The variety of open headphones is great. Many of them have similar characteristics and offer decent performance. Even so, the factor that will always influence your final choice is the correlation between the price of the headphones and your budget. Those who are ready to spend a lot of money on an expensive model, have a wider range to choose from. Sure, premium headphones are never cheap. But if you have current financial limitations, it does not mean that there is no possibility to buy a pair of nice headphones. Some economic models can also offer great performance. Just be careful when considering your specifications.


Most first-class open headphones come with magnetic controllers. The point is that this technology offers consistent output with minimal distortion. In addition, they produce an excellent transient response that is important for bass notes. In a word, headphones with magnetic controllers have a clear, precise and natural sound. Cheaper models have dynamic controllers. They are effectively a coil of wire attached to a plastic diaphragm, placed on a magnet. However, dynamic controllers often produce distortions, especially at higher volumes. Note that the size of the controller also plays an important role because it affects the frequency range. So, if you want to have powerful bass, look for controllers that are no smaller than 40 mm.


All best open black headphones for gaming are intended for natural sound. Thanks to its type of construction, air passes freely through the headphones to the speaker element. Therefore, the pressure does not affect the sound and there are almost no echoes inside the headphones. Still, it does not mean that all open headphones have the same realistic audio. Its quality depends mainly on the conductors and the materials of the house. If your quality is high, you will get an extended frequency response, as well as spatial images.


Choose models with breathable materials that do not make your ears suffer after long hours of use. Also, check if the headphones are durable and will survive a trip in your bag. Size is also another point to consider. It should fit your head and ears, as well as your bag.

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Best Open Back Gaming Headphones: FAQ

Are open-back headphones better?

Honestly, it is not possible to objectively say that open or closed headphones are better than others. Much of the answer depends on your personal preferences. Open-back headphones generally have better sound and maybe more comfortable, but sound bleeding is a problem, while closed-design headphones don’t bleed, but they can sacrifice sound and comfort.

What is the point of open back headphones for gaming?

Open-back headphones promote a more natural and realistic sound experience, where audio feels more “around you” than stuck in your head. Another benefit is the relief of ear fatigue, so listeners can listen for longer without repercussions. Due to the benefits of outdoor design, many of the best headphone companies produce open headphones for the best listening experience.

Which Sennheiser headphones are best for gaming?

Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with any of Sennheiser’s main lines for open-back gaming headsets. However, I would say that, due to the open-back design, the Sennheiser 650 HD is the best set of Sennheiser gaming headsets in a price range below $1,000.

Are audiophile quality headphones good for gaming?

Absolutely! In fact, audiophiles and players sometimes mix. Being able to listen to the game world with crystal clear clarity and, naturally, along with similar factors that both audiophiles and players consider when buying headphones, make audiophile-centric headphones excellent for games.
However, if you are not so interested in listening to every little note to a finite point, high-end headphones can feel overwhelming. It depends on what you want to feel when you play.


There are many excellent headphones to choose from, in countless designs and specifications. However, the headphones with the open back are really something special and are a great buy for both music lovers and players.

The most important thing when looking for headphones is to prioritize your specific needs and choose the best pair within your budget. Remember to look for open headphones with high durability, quality sound, and an ergonomic fit. Game on!