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If you are looking for the best MMO gaming mouse, it is important to consider what you are getting instead of just the level of comfort. Just because it’s nice to see an MMO mouse, means it’ll be right for you. You need to find one that fits with your own hand, has the features you need, and is comfortable.

Choosing the best MMO Mouse helps you succeed in your gaming ventures, whether you play OW, Guild Wars 2 or any other MMORPG. Lightweight rats are generally considered better because they allow you to move faster if needed, but opinions differ. Comfort is basically because most gamers spend a lot of time gaming and therefore need a mouse that looks nice in their hands.

Another factor that is very important is the ease of use. Of course, it is great if your hand feels comfortable in your MMO mouse, but if you are not able to access all the buttons quickly then they will not work as intended.

Gaming rats have come a long way in the past decade, and the days of using the keypad for most commands are gone. Of course, the thing you probably want in your MMO mouse is the various buttons. Casual computer rats are very inadequate for die-hard gamer needs.

There are several MMO rats on offer today, and picking one can be very difficult and confusing, especially if you buy it for the first time. This article will serve as a guide for you to choose the best MMO gaming mouse.

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Top 5 Best MMO Gaming Mice

Best MMO Mouse comes with 12 MMO buttons that cover under your thumb. This model specially designed for MMO game developers. These thumb buttons can be specifically designed to reduce action time and minimize erroneous clicks. This gaming mouse with the latest technology and features.

MMO Mouse comes with a G-shift and DPI shift on the right side of the mouse. The purpose of G-shift is to double the number of actions performed by the user. You can easily configure up to 5 DPI per profile and you can easily switch between them. The most important feature of the MMO mouse that attracts most of its users in the integrated brain buttons.

There are three integrated profile buttons that are used to access all of its buttons, tracking and color lightning information. This Best MMO Mouse 2020 can connect to a computer without any software. You can easily customize your default settings from the integrated buttons.

Due to these differences, many game companies and manufacturers can develop specialized MMO mice. This MMO mouse is very useful while playing and competing with others. The best MMO 2020 mouse is very useful while playing this kind of game better. The MMO mouse is totally different from other gaming mice because it contains many buttons that are very useful for the player while playing. Here are some things to remember when choosing an MMO mouse:

Things to remember when buying an MMO mouse:


You are choosing a mouse for MMO games that have almost 10 thumb buttons. By having 10 buttons, you can create a lot of macros.


Best MMO Mouse 2020 is totally different from other mice. You may feel uncomfortable having many buttons. Your doubt is really genuine. Many MMO mice are of poor quality when it comes to comfort. But high-quality mice manufactured by professional companies provide an easy grip so that the user can use it for a long time without pressure or any problem.


The sensor is one of the most important parts of any gaming mouse. The sensor is the basic need of any gaming mouse. It is the basic feature of any gaming mouse that most users require. There are two types of sensors that are mainly used in a gaming mouse. These sensors are optical and laser. The laser sensor can work well if you do not need accuracy or responsiveness. If you want precision, then optics is the best option for you.


Another more important aspect of any mouse is its design. Many routine players who spend most of their time in practice to become professional players. If you don’t have the best-designed mouse, your hand may end up with a high level of pressure. The MMO mouse is designed to provide an easy grip for our customers so they can be easily chosen and play for a long time without any problem.

Mouse software:

Some latest technology mice use the software that each mouse uses. The software is the main source that allows you to use the main functions of the mouse. The budget plays an important role in our entire decision-making process, the same goes for the MMO gaming mouse.

Top Picks Best MMO Mouse – Which You Should Buy?

We have selected this list of the top 5 Best MMO mouse to help you find the perfect combination for your PC configuration. To help you find the best Best MMO mouse that suits your needs, we have put together our best options and included a guide below to arm you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

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Review of the Best MMO Mice

#1 CORSAIR Scimitar Pro MMO Gaming Mouse

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Corsair has continued to present decent products, and the Scimitar Pro is no different. The “key slider system” allows users to change the positions of the buttons and even lock them in place. The buttons on the side buttons are also textured and can help improve grip and accuracy.

There are 12 side buttons for the Scimitar Pro and can be programmed with custom macros, timer countdown, DPI matrices, etc. Users can also “adjust” the mouse to their mousepads, which includes the ability to change settings to only 1 -DPI. The grip on the Scimitar Pro is comfortable, especially for those with a claw-shaped grip. This optical mouse has 16,000 DPI, which is also a good feature and can also color-code its different profiles. It may take a while to get used to this mouse, but in the end, it will be worth it.

#2 Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

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Logitech always appears in our best mouse guides and for good reason. They are one of the most reputable brands in the peripheral game. They constantly provide us with new hardware offerings that reach and exceed the requirements of our users. The Logitech G600 is the perfect example of this.

The G600 arrives at the table with 20 buttons, all of which can be customized in Logitech Hub. It is the ideal mouse for MMO players that require large and complex commands to enter quickly. The buttons take a while to get used to, especially if you’re not used to MMO mice. However, the most impressive is the easy change button with which the G600 is equipped. This allows you to alternate with a secondary button profile, which means that you technically have up to 39 buttons at your disposal. Think of all those orcs you will kill.

The sensor on this mouse is the Avago S9808 laser sensor that, although now outdated, still does an excellent job of providing precise accuracy while in the game. One of the excellent features that this mouse is equipped with is the integrated memory, which allows users to access their button profiles without the need for software, a small and excellent plug-n-play function.

The design of this mouse is quite simple, but it has a certain level of elegance thanks to the smooth slopes and contours. The ergonomics of this mouse feels pretty good. However, it is on the big side. If you have particularly small hands, you may have difficulty making full use of the numeric keypad. However, with that said, the matte finish provides decent grip levels, no matter how wet the palm gets on warm summer nights.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the G600. Regardless of the few flaws that this mouse has, I still think it shows a good value and is ultimately a superior MMO mouse, respectively.

#3 Razer Naga Epic Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse

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If you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse, then I bet that the epic Razer Naga will be a reliable choice for most MMO game enthusiasts worldwide. It is not due to features such as clean lines accentuated by RGB brightness, or solid build quality and fully customizable software. Rather, the Razer Naga Epic wireless gaming mouse is that one product that eclipses due to its 12 grid-style button layout on the side. If you are players who cannot work without the grid-style button, while drying within the limits of wireless MMO mice, this is certainly the best option for you.

Despite being a high price, the Razer Naga gaming mice were a success before Trinity was released. The Razer Naga Epic has everything that an evergreen MMO gaming mouse should have, but it is missing from the amazing RGB accent package. This is the advanced version of the Razer Naga, it is the best version of the previous model with the wireless attribute that makes it better. However, these impressive attributes are accompanied by a slightly high price.

The Razer naga wireless gaming mouse is partially small in size and many critics complain that making the hand rest on the mouse is quite problematic along with getting a little closer to the button. Therefore, these two features have wireless gaming mouse holes. In addition, the MMO wireless mouse is weak in clear touch signals or the ability to modify the network does not help with macro accuracy.

Although the battery has a sufficient lifespan of 20 hours, when the battery runs out, you can connect the cable, changing it to wired mode to use it as the Razer Naga Epic cable mouse. Razer Naga wireless mice are deprived of latency. However, the problem of affordability persists, Razer Naga Epic wireless gaming mice have a high price. It is certainly the best product, but isn’t it too expensive?

If your people are not a big fan of the 12 grid-style buttons and wireless mice, then there are a ton of other gaming mice on the market that can meet your gaming needs. However, if you want to opt for 16.8 million RGB light color options, then I am sure that this is for you.

#4 SteelSeries Rival 301 MMO Gaming Mouse

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Steelseries is one of the most important names in the field of peripheral games. They have some of the best-known mice within their ranks, mice that include Rival 650, Rival 310 and Sensei 310. That said, their Rival 500 is the closest thing to an FPS, MMO hybrid that we recommend in this list. Actually, it offers excellent performance on both, something that is rarely seen these days.

The Steelseries boys say that the design of the Rival 500 buttons has been custom designed with ergonomics in mind. They have eliminated the increasingly popular 12-button grid design for something that best suits the natural resting position of your thumb. Each button is easily accessible and can be pressed with little actuation force. The Rival 500 has 15 impressive buttons, more than enough for any MMO player to bid. The buttons have been designed in such a way that they promote MMO and FPS games. Awesome.

Steelseries has equipped the Rival 500 with a touch alert feature that really vibrates to specific actions in the game. It can alter the intensity of the alert and how often they occur. The switches have a rating of 30 million clicks, which, in regards to the switches, is pretty decent. The mouse offers excellent grip along with excellent RGB, which can be customized in the easy to use the software.

#5 PICTEK MMO Gaming Mouse

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PICTEK MMO Gaming Mouse gives you a professional level gaming experience. It gives you a high speed and precision tracking engine. The most advanced features that appeal to the majority of the user are 4 interchangeable side plates.

It comes with 3 to 9 programmable buttons. You can change your default settings using the configuration buttons and improved the right grip. This gaming mouse comes with an easy-grip so that the most staunch players can play for a long time without any pressure.

It also allows its clients to save profiles with different color combinations for their identifications. It also allows its customers to change the brightness level color combinations for their profile combinations.

It provides 1600 DPI sensors and offers sensitivity adjustment on the fly through DPI buttons.

Why Choose an MMO Mouse

At this stage, you might wonder, what exactly is the difference between an MMO mouse and other mice available in the current market? Do I really need all those buttons? And the answer is yes, yes, you do. Well, if you play MMO / MOBA you do it anyway.

Because when you play MMO you must use input commands, links, functions, etc. The additional buttons really make a difference in the heat of battle. The ergonomic position of these buttons is something that most competitive players care about, but they should also be considered.

However, it is annoying to use an MMO mouse for other forms of play, since they are generally more bulky, heavier and full of buttons that simply get in the way. This is definitely something to consider when buying an MMO mouse. They are a little pony of a single trick.

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Final Thoughts

We have discussed the best MMO mouse options so you can improve your gaming skills and top the lists in any of your favorite MMORPGs. Be sure to think about the factors that are important to choose a mouse and, if possible, try some before making a purchase.

It’s time to end the guide, but one thing I missed completely is to talk about clicks. A sound that I am sure you will all be aware of during the discussion of any of the multiple mouse keys we have just talked about. It is crispy and firm, a little soft, or perhaps sharp and irritating. This topic is slightly different to describe and slightly skewed to explain. Therefore, do not forget to watch the videos, since listening is much better than reading extensive content.

Although we are pretty sure that you can never go wrong with any of the mice in the content, but if you want to track something more precise, don’t forget to press any of the links below. In addition, we welcome all your suggestions and inquiries in the comments section below, so be sure to leave a comment below and let us know your valuable suggestion.