The Top 8 Best Gaming tablet

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Are you thinking of buying a gaming tablet? Before commenting on our experts’ favorites, we asked our readers if they had bought any in recent months and what note they gave to their gaming tablet.

One of the main advantages of a tablet is that, with enough power, any game is enjoyed more with a large screen. With the growing offer of interesting titles in the Play Store, a gaming tablet can easily become the home video game device par excellence.

The list is huge, and every day more and more games emerge that show that tablets and mobile phones are a gaming platform in their own right. In markets such as Chinese, it is the platform most used by users, and proof of this is the dizzying figures that handle some of these titles. In this way, phones and tablets have emerged focused on this market, and in Geekno we have already talked about some especially interesting devices.

If you are a regular player of mobile and tablet, it is quite likely that you are considering getting a powerful device that allows you to play your favorite games fluently. Although the vast majority of mid-range phones and tablets can run all games, what the real gamers look for is a device that runs applications smoothly.

In this post, we show you some of the most interesting gaming tablets to play video games. Do not miss it!

3 gaming tablet ideal for playing video games

Playing video games on a tablet is much more usual than we think, in fact, there are even professional leagues such as Clash of Clans. If you want to buy a tablet in which to enjoy the games smoothly and without problems you must take into account a series of benefits. Any tablet of the following will be a good option.

iPad Pro

One of the jewels of the crown of Apple, and probably the best device to enjoy video games for tablets without added. Some of you will already know that numerous Android gaming tablet allows you to add peripherals to have a more refined control because if you are looking for something similar in Apple, you will have to look well because the options are somewhat smaller.

However, leaving this aside, its specifications and its power have virtually no competition with the rest of the market. As you can imagine, its price is somewhat prohibitive for less wealthy pockets: the cheapest model costs around 650 euros, and that is the minimum price.

If you have the money and want to have a tablet capable of running applications perfectly, this is your best option.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

If the iPad Pro is the best gaming tablet with an Apple operating system, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 is the best option for Android lovers. As was the case with the apple brand, its price is not for all budgets, costing the cheapest 580 euros on Amazon. However, and as we already told you in the section above, its specifications are beyond discussion.

It comes with an operating system Android 8.1 Oreo, quite stable, and one of the data to highlight is its great resolution: 2560×1600, which is a gaming tablet is a real Virginia.

Huawei MediaPad M5 LTE

One of the most economical options on the list if you are looking for a powerful and reliable device. Huawei has settled in the market as a cheap alternative to the big classic brands, such as Samsung. For about 400 euros we have a 2K resolution gaming tablet that runs everything perfectly and has a fast-charging system that will make loads between games much more enjoyable.

It comes equipped with an Android Oreo 8.0 operating system, so you can expect really good stability and speed.

It must be said that, in addition to playing, the three gaming tablets mentioned above also have other uses. Many graphic design professionals use tablets with similar powers (or even those on this list) to make designs and sketches. If you dedicate yourself to graphic arts, you have an extra incentive to get them. That is why, if you want to take advantage of your tablet, we recommend an all-terrain like this.

Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus

The Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus tablet is a mid-range tablet ideal for casual games, but you can shoot with advanced 3D titles perfectly.

It has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, a 10.1-inch screen, 32GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM. If we want to install multiple heavy games, maybe the internal memory may be somewhat short, but there is plenty of room for many casual games.

It is an ultra-flat tablet of only 7 mm thick and light of 475 grams. Ideal to take with us everywhere and its when scratch-resistance makes it an excellent choice as a family and children.

Asus ZenPad 3S

Users looking for quality and great storage along with a good price have the Asus ZenPad 10 128GB. Located in the mid-range, it stands out for its design, fine appearance, and its Intel processor.

Its screen is 10.1 inches, it has a RAM of 2GB and its internal memory reaches 64GB, so we will have enough capacity to install any game. Its battery is 4680 mAh and Asus promises an average duration of approximately 6 hours. We also have the possibility of using a MicroSD card with a capacity of up to 128GB.

Although its RAM is somewhat limited, the large capacity and screen size compensate for some of the inconveniences. It is not the ideal tablet for 3D games, but we will have a large number of sites available to fill it with all kinds of games, puzzles, applications, movies, and photos.

Lenovo Yoga Book

We can spend hours and hours of entertainment with strategy games like Clash of Clans, our favorite. We know when we start playing and that we don’t want to be interrupted by anything, let alone the battery of the tablet. If you like this type of game, the best ideal is to buy a tablet that allows us to play without interruptions or uncomfortable plugs. 

The  Lenovo Yoga Tab3 Plus it is framed in the high mid-range and has a huge battery of 9300 mAh with a fast charge. We thus obtain an autonomy of 18 hours of normal use and 8 of intensive use, ideal for games with which we spend a lot of time.

Its other outstanding feature is that the 64GB and 4GB versions of RAM include a projector that will allow us to watch our movies and game sessions on a projection screen or on a smooth wall.

The most advanced model has a 10.1-inch screen with 2K resolution and also has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal capacity expandable with MicroSD up to 128 GB.

We also find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625  4-core processor and Adreno 510 GPU. What may not be the most cutting edge in the market, but competent enough to run any game smoothly.

It has metal support with the option to place the tablet in 4 different positions, which is very comfortable when playing. The sound is signed by Dolby Atmos with 4 speakers located on the sides.


The iPad 2018 is easy to find with 32GB capabilities or in the 128GB version. As is the custom of Apple we are facing a tablet of careful appearance and of the highest quality, but without microSD card slot.

It has a 9.7-inch Retina display, A10 Fusion Chip with 64-bit architecture, fingerprint sensor, Touch ID, 8MP photo camera with 1080p FHD video recording and Wi-Fi connection. It can also be found with 4G + Wi-Fi connection at a higher price.

As for its capacity for games, we recommend the 128GB version, the price difference with the lower model is not very high compared to the capacity advantages that we will obtain.

iPad Mini

Although we consider practically all current iPad excellent gaming tablets to play, we want to highlight the iPad Mini since it is the cheapest model of the brand. It was originally launched in November 2012, but what we are going to talk about is the fourth generation. It has a 7.9-inch screen and a lightweight, so we can take it anywhere.

You may find the iPad Mini 4 with less internal memory. However, remember that Apple tablets do not have a microSD card slot, so if we use several heavy games, with 32GB we could get a little short.

What does a good tablet need to play?

The first thing we have to think about when choosing a tablet to play is what are the characteristics that will enhance the one that we have the best experience with them and it must be said that they are quite, really, and we can not really highlight just one. In a sense, in fact, the choice, in the end, is largely a matter of finding a balance between them, plus the investment we are willing to make, of course.

What are the advantages of gaming tablets?

The tablets to play are the best portable devices available in the market to run games.

They are usually more powerful and have better screens than smartphones. Therefore, they are something like smaller computers that you can take with you with little effort to throw a few games.

Of course, they cannot replace the experience that a powerful PC provides. However, gaming tables are a fun option to play older or simpler games.

In fact, gaming tablets are a great way to play classic games while going from one place to another.

How to choose the best gaming tablet

With Android, iOS and Windows videogames demanding more and more system resources, the user interested in purchasing a tablet to play will have to take into account some basic features:

  • Great RAM: if it is even better from 3GB, although if you are going to use mainly 2GB casual games, they may be enough.
  • The internal memory of at least 32GB (although it is better than 64 Gigas): this guarantees the fluidity of the gaming experience.
  • Admitting MicroSD card is an almost obligatory feature in Android tablets and, when it comes to playing, it is practically essential.
  • Powerful processor :
    • We especially recommend the Qualcomm Snapdragon from 820 onwards.
    • Also, Huawei, with its Kirin processor, or Nvidia, with its Tegra processor, is also very competent.
  • Very related to the processor is the performance of the Graphics Processing Unit or GPU. At present, the Adreno model developed by Qualcomm itself or the Mali model developed by ARM stands out.
  • 64-bit architecture allows even more power when running compatible applications and games.
  • Good screen resolution for the best use of graphics. This will also prevent the eyes from getting tired after prolonged periods of play.
  • Screen with wide viewing angle: to be able to see well from all angles, especially if we teach the game to someone.
  • good sound system improves the gaming experience. The speakers will preferably be on the sides, positioned so that they are not accidentally blocked.
  • Battery capacity from 6000 mAh: since the use of games, especially those with 3D graphics, usually consume energy quickly.
  • Optionally, the 4G connection will allow us to play online games in any situation, without relying on a fixed Wi-Fi network. Today this cost is perfectly acceptable thanks to the new data bonus plans.

Buy tablets for gamers

In summary, if we are going to buy a tablet for gamers we must take into account, in addition to aspects such as the capacity and RAM of the device, data such as the battery and the processor.

In the case that we are going to buy a tablet to play, we will also have to take into account the type of game we like. For example: if what we are going to do is 3D games, the processor is a very important factor, while for strategy, due to the long game times, a large battery capacity makes more sense.

Good performance in graphic processing

If despite what was said, we had to highlight a single feature, we would say that the most important is the level of graphics processing. It is true that many of the most popular games on mobile devices are quite simple and run well on any more or less current device, but there is nothing more frustrating for pro gamers than to find that one of the new releases that take time Waiting to put your hands on it does not go on your tablet or smartphone. Last week we reviewed the top 10 tablets with better gaming performance and it is a good starting point.

A good screen (and not just a high resolution)

Now is when we have to start adding considerations. A fundamental, of course, is the screen, since games with better graphics will thank not only a high resolution , but a good image quality in general ( contrast, colors ), including some features that make us have good visibility outdoors (if what we like to play on tablets is especially that we can take it anywhere) and that would be fundamentally high brightness levels and few reflections . Here you know that the Galaxy Tab S3 and iPad Pro 10.5 stand out above the average, but there are a few tablets with good screens and more reasonable prices to consider.

A good battery is not too much

It is not as important as the rest of the factors that we have mentioned, but according to what our habits are, it is worth noting: if we take a lot of our tablet from home, we should not only think about outdoor visibility but also the battery, because games are one of the activities that consume the most, especially depending on the type of screen we have. To get an idea of ​​what are the best options of the moment, we have a ranking of tablets with better autonomy, also based on a type of test quite relevant for this case (hours of streaming video playback).

Does the operating system matter?

If we get a Windows tablet it is clear that we will be able to access PC games, which in general are at a higher level than those of mobile devices but, as we have said, we must be aware that not even the best 2 in 1 are built for gaming and certain limitations will have to be accepted. Regarding iOS and Android, the advantages of each one are well known: the App Store continues to be able to release titles with much pull before, but each time it has fewer titles that are completely exclusive; With Android we have many more free games, but realistically, if we really like to play, most of the time we deserve more the person pay. Our conclusion is that this is a factor that is less and less important.

Do we need a 4G tablet?

Today many of the most popular games need an online connection, even those that are not focused on multiplayer mode, but these are also the ones that will usually hook us more. As in other cases, depending on how much time we spend away from home and it may be convenient to consider the possibility of getting a 4G tablet, although we have already commented on other occasions that there are many more options to not go offline when we do not have our own Wi-Fi is available and probably more economical, although this is already a more personal assessment that each one has to do.