Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10

After equipping the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 with iris scanners for added security, Samsung may be going in a different direction with the Galaxy S10.

Samsung will ditch the iris scanner with the Galaxy S10 and instead adopt an ultrasonic fingerprint reader. That’s according to leaker Ice Universe, who adds that the S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader is faster and has a larger recognition area than optical fingerprint readers like the one found in the OnePlus 6T. It’s said the S10’s fingerprint reader could use up to 30 percent of the phone’s display.

Today’s rumor also mentions that the ultrasonic tech will be exclusive to Samsung for at least half a year.

Samsung has been playing with different fingerprint reader positions lately, putting it to the right of the rear camera on the Galaxy S8 and then moving it below the rear camera on the S9. Now it sounds like Samsung will continue its tinkering next year by adopting an in-display fingerprint reader, which isn’t surprising since rumors have claimed in recent years that Samsung has been testing an in-display fingerprint reader with its flagships, but ultimately Samsung stuck with a rear fingerprint reader.

This ultrasonic fingerprint reader sounds like it could be pretty great, giving you lots of space on the screen to place your finger and unlocking the phone quickly, which is why Samsung may finally be ready to commit to an in-display fingerprint reader for its flagship smartphone.