Instagram rolls out voice messaging feature
Instagram voice messaging feature

If WhatsApp voice messages were not enough, Instagram has also added the new communication feature to its app.

A new microphone button has been added to the photo and video app. You simply need to hold down the microphone in Instagram Direct and record a voice message.

Unlike WhatsApp where you first choose the recipient, on Instagram you can first record the message and then share it with a single contact or group, FastCompany reported.

Additionally, these voice messages appear in the receiver’s chat window as a Wav file and don’t disappear after being listened to.

These audio messages can be up to one minute long and can be sent in private and group chats. The new feature will be available on both the Android and iOS platform after the latest update is installed.

Keep in mind that in order to send an audio message, you’ll have to record it first by holding down the microphone button. The moment you take your finger from the mic button, the message will be automatically sent. If you change your mind and don’t want to send the voice message, simply slide your finger over to the trash icon to delete it.

According to Instagram, the new feature is now being rolled out to all compatible devices, but it might take a few days to reach all consumers, so be patient if you can’t see it right away.