Google confirms Allo messaging app will shut down in March 2019
Google Allo

Google has confirmed it will be shutting down the Allo messaging app in March 2019. Allo was launched back in in 2016 along with the Duo video-calling app.

Google has confirmed in a blog post that it will shut down Allo by March 2019. Allo was launched back in in 2016 along with the Duo video-calling app, but it has failed to live up to the hype and did not prove much of a comeback for Google in the messaging space.

Allo was supposed to be a smarter messaging app, and came integrated with the Google Assistant as well. However earlier this year, Google had paused investment into the Allo app, and instead brought some of its features to Android Messages app, which included Smart Reply, GIFs, desktop support etc.

In a blog post, Google said that “given Messages’ continued momentum, we’ve decided to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages.”  Allo will work only till March 2019, and until then users will be able to export all of the existing conversation history from the app.

Google’s help page notes that once Allo is no longer supported, which will be after March 2019, “All your Allo messages messages, including incognito messages, as well as your backups will be deleted. Until Allo is no longer supported, you can download your chats or media.”