Facebook building in California evacuated over bomb threat
Facebook building evacuated

Numerous buildings on Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park, California were evacuated Tuesday evening after local police were forwarded a tip about a bomb threat. Police searched the area and determined there were no explosives that could be found.

A building on Facebook’s main campus in California was evacuated due to a bomb threat, police said.

After an inspection of the building on Tuesday by anti-explosives units and sniffer dogs, the Menlo Park police said they could not find any suspicious packages, reports Efe news.

The building is located in the 200 blocks of Jefferson Drive in Menlo Park, a town south of San Francisco where Facebook is headquartered.

Facebook also evacuated the adjacent buildings as a preventive measure.

The Menlo Park authorities were alerted to the bomb threat by the New York Police Department.

A number of news organizations and social media companies have received threats over the past two years, as President Donald Trump regularly calls the press the “enemy of the people” and Republican members of Congress claim that social media is biased against conservatives. Yesterday Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee, where numerous congressmen accused the tech giant of actively manipulating search results to silence conservative voices.

A 38-year-old woman named Nasim Najafi Aghdam became a folk hero for the far right after perpetrating a shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, though she injured just four people and she was the only fatality when she turned the gun on herself.

The threats, both real and bluffs, are likely to continue as the political climate becomes even more heated. President Trump doesn’t show any signs of letting up and he even seems to be making his rhetoric more explicit and violent. When asked yesterday if he was worried about the prospect of getting impeached, President Trump insisted that he wasn’t concerned.