Samsung Galaxy A9 will have rear four camera

We recently heard rumors about an upcoming Samsung phone, the Galaxy A9, which would potentially include four cameras.

We wonder just how big these sensors could be if Samsung is indeed cramming four of them into the Galaxy A9. I’d be particularly keen to see night-time results from the 24MP camera. After all, high-resolution cameras usually suffer in low-light if the sensor and photo-sites are tiny.

A four-camera setup could still make for a very flexible photography platform, whether you’re taking wide cityscape shots or need to get closer to your subject. The 5MP depth sensor seems somewhat redundant though, as many phones use a telephoto camera (in conjunction with the main camera) to help calculate depth effects anyway.

In the race to see which smartphone manufacturer can fit the most cameras onto a single handset, Samsung has reportedly placed itself in the lead, with an upcoming mid-range handset set to sport four rear cameras.

As was hinted at in previous specs rumors, it’s thought that the Samsung Galaxy A9 will likely feature four camera lenses lined up in a vertical array, with each camera offering a different kind of photographic functionality.

Thanks to a new (and very official-looking) image tweeted by noted leaker Evan Blass, we now have a pretty good understanding of what each camera is expected to bring to the table – and how they’ll look.

According to details accompanying the image, the first lens will consist of an ultra wide camera with an 8MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture and a 120-degree field of view.

This is followed by a telephoto camera with a 10MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture and 2x optical zoom, a ‘main’ camera that boasts a huge 24MP resolution and f/1.7 aperture, and an additional depth camera with a 5MP resolution, f/2.2 aperture and live focus capability.

Placed underneath the four cameras is a flash, while a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner can also be found in the middle of the phone.

Positioned as an upper mid-range device, the Galaxy A9 seems like it’s going to have some flagship-level photographic credentials. We’ll know for sure when the handset is officially announced in the very near future.