The OnePlus Roaming feature will allow users to buy a data plan while traveling to another country, eliminating the need to buy a local SIM card. The Video Enhancer option is said to enable more vivid colors while watching videos.

Open Beta 7 update for the OnePlus 6 is out now and it adds two new features to the phone. Both new features are implemented on a system level and the first one is called the OnePlus Roaming option that enables virtual SIM support on the device. Video Enhancer is the second new feature that will now be available on the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus says that video colors are boosted for “a better experience while watching videos.” Additionally, there are some improvements in the Communication and Launcher section on the smartphone.

The OnePlus Roaming feature enables users to avail the benefits of a virtual SIM. It enables one to browse the internet without a local SIM. A virtual SIM supports only data and there’s no functionality to place calls or send SMS. However, one at least won’t need to buy a new local SIM while traveling in another country. This feature displays plans available for a supported region and it’s touted to work globally in most countries. Those who update with the new Open Beta can navigate to  Wi-Fi & Internet in Settings to find the OnePlus Roaming option and purchase the package of their choice and enable it once they are in another region/country.

The other major feature is the video enhancer that will be available in the Display settings of the OnePlus 6. The option will enable users to activate a new option to enable more vivid colors while watching a video. This feature is quite similar to the various display schemes that one can choose from to change the display to a warmer or cooler color tone. The feature works similarly but only while playing a video.

OnePlus notes that as this is a beta update, there could be some bugs and issues. One can use the OnePlus Community app to report bugs if they come across any. Those who are already on the Open Beta program should be receiving the update automatically, however, one can also download the ROM from the company’s website here.