5G Technology, Advantages and its Features

What is 5G Technology?

5G Technology is the 5th Generation Mobile technology, which is in its developmental stage and is expected to be commercialized in the coming two to three years.

5G mobile technology has changed the means to use cell phones within very high bandwidth. It is expected to be faster than the existing wireless technologies. 5G technology is anticipated to be utilized widely for applications such as smart logistics, driverless cars, and other such smart applications, which demand a high-speed internet.

The user never experienced ever before such a high-value technology. Nowadays mobile users have much awareness of cell phone technology. The 5G technologies include all type of advanced features which makes 5G mobile technology most powerful and in huge demand in near future.

5G Technology
5G Technology

The 5G technology is anticipated to have high adoption rates in the U.S., UK, China, and India, due to the presence of key technology players, increase in R&D activities, and development of the ICT infrastructure.

Advantages of 5G Technology

There are several advantages of 5G technology, some of the advantages have been described below.

  • High capacity to allow more devices connectivity concurrently and instantaneously.
  • 5G has a better coverage area and high data rate at the edge of the cell. Improvement in its speed of up to 20 GBPS.
  • Higher reliability of the communications.
  • Lower battery consumption.
  • Better connectivity irrespective of the geographic region, in which you are.
  • High increased peak bit rate at 10 GBPS.
  • It has low battery consumption.
  • Availability of multiple data transfer rate.
  • Security is more.
  • Energy efficiency and spectral efficiency are good.

Disadvantages of 5G Technology

5G technology is researched and conceptualized to solve all radio signal problems and hardship of the mobile world, but because of some security reason and lack of technological advancement in most of the geographic regions. Some disadvantages of 5G Technology :

  • Technology is still under process and research on its viability is going on.
  • The speed of this technology is claiming seems difficult to achieve.
  • Developing infrastructure needs high cost.
  • Many of the old devices would not be competent to 5G.

Is 5G Better Than 4G?

There can only be one winner. See how they compare below:


4G networks (4G+, LTE-A or 4.5G) deliver download speeds of up to 300Mbps.5G will offer download speeds in excess of 1Gbps. Some estimates put the speed closer to 10Gbps.
One of the fastest browsing speeds is 300Mbps on EE’s LTE-A network.No exact browsing speed, but tests have shown results from 7.5Gbps to 10Gbps.


4G delivers 50-milliseconds end to end response.5G, according to most experts, will deliver 1-millisecond end to end response.


Bandwidth and capacity that, despite big improvements over 3G, doesn’t meet the needs of the growing population.Greater bandwidth that will provide access for, potentially, billions of devices connected through the IoT.


Networks offer 4G to consumers at competitive costs.Check your local providers for their 4G package costs.There’s no exact cost yet, but it won’t be cheap.5G needs new infrastructure to be implemented, so it can run. It will make the end cost acceptable for users while considering the infrastructure costs.


4G is becoming more compatible with current devices. Location and device model do play a factor, but it is certainly improving.5G won’t be compatible on existing devices. New devices need creating with 5G compatibility.People will upgrade to the newest model anyway.

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

What is 4G LTE? It is 4G technology that, currently, offers the fastest speeds. 4G offers this as another option for users who use their tablets or smartphones for browsing the internet.As 5G will offer some of the fastest internet and downloading speeds, there won’t be any need for 5G LTE.There has been no news about 5G LTE.


Currently, 4G has coverage issues, especially for users who live in fairly remote locations. As a result, people in these areas have to rely on 3G. Despite its launch some years ago, it is taking time for coverage to be available everywhere.5G is expected to have the largest coverage yet, with access in nearly all areas. Or at least that is the dream. This won’t be easy, as more hardware will have to be built for this to happen.Just like 4G, it could take time for it to be available everywhere.
5G Technology

However, by the time 5G launches, most people will simply upgrade to the newest model that has 5G compatibility.

5G could very well change the world. By increasing the speed at which all data is transferred, improving response times, and providing more capacity for the millions of devices, superfast mobile internet will no longer be a user luxury: it’ll be a way of living.