8 useful Gmail settings you’ll wish you knew sooner: Here are 8 best Gmail tips that will let you master your email inbox, So lets start.

1. Use Undo Send to Recall a Message: To use this Gmail trick you must first activate Undo Send before you can use it. And you have to act quickly to recall your message, but this handy feature can save you from embarrassment.

2. Check Gmail Labs for New Features: You’ll find the Gmail Labs option on the Settings screen

3. Save Time With Canned Responses (Gmail Labs): Canned Responses saves a huge amount of time, especially if you are in a field that requires a lot of customer interaction. Enable the Canned Responses option from the Gmail Labs screen.

4. Listen to Google Voice Messages From Email: If you use Google Voice with your Google account, your notifications are probably set up to go to your Gmail account. When someone leaves a Google Voice message, you get an email notification with a message transcript.

5. Receive Email From Other Email Platforms on Gmail: With Gmail, you can create a single, unified inbox where you receive all your emails. If you respond to an email, choose which email address you want the response to come from.

6. Use Multiple Gmail Accounts at Once: Click your profile icon in the upper right corner, and sign up to a new account.

7. Learn to Use Gmail Search Operators: Gmail has over 20 search operators that can be used to find messages or create filters. And search operators can be combined so that you can be very specific.

8. Turn Off Gmail’s Inbox Tabs: You can turn off those extra tabs using the Settings > Inbox > Categories option.