Generic Instagram

Instagram is about more than selfies and brunch shots; here’s how to make the most out of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app.

Are you snap happy? Then you probably have Instagram on your phone. The photo-sharing app has 800 million users; 500 million use it daily.

Whether you’ve been with Instagram since the beginning and are still miffed about the changes to your timeline or just started gramming, PCMag has rounded up a few tips that could make your photos stand out and garner you acclaim—or at least a like or two more than before.

Some think the fastest way to Instagram popularity is through hashtags. Instagram allows up to 30 for each photo posted, so there are plenty of hash abusers. But used in moderation, they’re an easy way for people who share your interests to find your shots. So make sure they’re relevant.

These tips were tested on iOS, but most apply to Android, too. And be sure to follow Techhury.

1. Torch the Trolls

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” is not the motto of many an internet commenter. If there’s a not-so-nice comment you don’t want under your gram, get rid of it. For iOS users, tap Comment, then swipe left over the one you want to delete and click the trash-can icon. For Android, tap Comment under the photo, tap the one you want to delete, and click the trash-can icon at the top of the screen. On both platforms, you can also report the comment as abuse, if necessary.

2. No Comment

If you’re consistently getting hate in the comments, Instagram now lets you choose who can comment on your posts: everyone; people you follow and your followers; people you follow; or your followers. Just go to Settings > Comments > Allow Comments From.

There, you can also block words and phrases in comments and even disable commenting altogether. Pick Hide Inappropriate Comments to block comments with “words or phrases often reported as offensive.” You can also add custom keywords, which will hide comments that use those words. Hit Done when you’ve finished.

To disable commenting before you post, click Advanced Settings on the screen to add a caption and share, and slide Turn Off Commenting to the on position. You can turn off commenting on an existing post by going to it, tapping the ellipsis (…) at the top, and and then selecting Turn Off Commenting.

3. Silent Treatment

Sometimes you’ve just had enough of someone. When unfollowing is not an option, mute them without them knowing. Either tap the name of the account in a post or go to the account you want to mute, tap the ellipsis (), and then select Mute. You’ll then be given a choice about whether you want to mute just posts, just stories, or both posts and stories. Follow the same process to unmute.

4. The Unwritten Word

If you’re the one who made the error, meanwhile, Instagram lets you edit your own captions. Tap the three lines on the top right and a menu will appear; select Edit to make your changes.

5. Be Extra Authentic

To keep yourself safe from hackers, meanwhile, you can turn on two-factor authentication. Go to Settings, scrolling down to Two-Factor Authentication, then adjusting the slider to on for Require Security Code. Then add the phone number where you want to receive a security code to verify your identity when you log in.