Tired of finding the Best possible solution for that? Well, don’t worry, because here in this article we are providing you with the Best ways to fix youtube playback error on any of your devices.

Ways to Fix Youtube Playback Error ( Android/iOS )

1. Shifting to Wifi Connection

Yes, If you are in habit of watching Youtube videos on your cellular Data connection, then you must need to shift to Wifi. This is because the Wifi has a very strong network and signal strength as compared with Cellular Data. But if you still face the problem then just delete the current Wifi account and reconnect it.

2. App/Browser Detox

The next possible way to get those Youtube videos run on your device smoothly is just by Clearing the Cache files, cookies, history, and browsing data. You can even use the separate Cache Cleaner to clear those Cache files from your device.

3. Simply swipe down

The easiest and perhaps the best way to play stopped or unloaded video on your device is to swipe down the video and release it.

Then just sign out from the YouTube app and log in again to find the videos to play.

4. Updating the app

This might be the common reason why many people are facing the Youtube playback error. So if you feel that you are facing the same then you must update it from the Appstore or Playstore respectively.

5. Adjusting Video Quality

Yes, by doing this you can also get rid of this youtube playback error. Simply tap on the gear icon, then bring down the quality level to at least 240p or even lower than that if possible.

6. Disabling hardware Acceleration

Yes, disabling the hardware acceleration in flash player might prevent you from having this error again. All you need is to Just Right-click on the video > Click Settings > Find EnableHardware Acceleration and then uncheck it.